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Hydration pack - Personal Cooling Pack

SKU 6002482

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Drinking & Misting from the same hydration pack system. Imagine youre mountain biking, hiking, running or cycling and the temperatures rising. The hot sun beats down on you. You're sweating profusely. Exhaustion begins to take hold. We've all been there, right?  Now imagine, with the press of a button, moving into a refreshing, cool mist! This can be your new reality, with our water backpack!
The ExtremeMist® PCS "Just Add Water" hydration backpack comes with the PCS (Personal Cooling System) unit fully installed! Right out of the box the PCS unit comes with a rechargeable battery, 8-speed wireless remote control for mist density, and an extra 0.20mm mist nozzle (0.15mm mist nozzle comes standard w/ each backpack).
The PCS unit can also be used with our Waist Pack attachment that zips to the backpack itself. This eliminates the need to carry a separate water bottle. The cooling pack system is designed for easy removal and reinstallation, so it can also be used out of the pack for a variety of cooling applications and can be further enhanced by adding our Quad Hose/Nozzle Kit.

PCS Features: 

Water Usage: 


Approx. Water Usage

Lowest Speeds

1.5 to 2.5 cups/hour

Medium Speeds

2.5 to 5 cups/hour

Highest Speeds

5 to 6.5 cups/hour


Pump Weight w/battery pack: 16 oz.
Pump Measurements: 7.5" H x 3.5" W x 1.5" D

Pack Features:

Material: Nylon
Construction: Frameless
Reservoir: 2L/70oz
Color: Gray with night time reflective strips
Compartments/pockets: 9

Sizing Chart:

Inches Measuring chest size. 




XXS expands to Large



Large expands to 4X



Large (Unisex)

Pack Weight: 2.13 lb (pack, water reservoir and reservoir cover included)
Pack Measurements: 17.5" H x 9" W (at mid-pack)

Small (Unisex)

Pack Weight: 2.11 lb (pack, water reservoir and reservoir cover included)
Pack Measurements: 15.75" H x 9" W (at mid-pack)

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