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All Terrain Fat Tire 26 inch Full Suspension E-Bike 48v 1000W

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  • Can you get upgraded parts? I blew a seal on the left tube of the front forks. I also want a softer spring on the rear shock. It came with a 1500lb/in spring and I wand a 450lb/in spring.

    Hi there,

    Great to hear that you are enjoying your purchase.
    Yes, we can get you the parts needed.

    Please send us an email to and we can arrange to order the items for you.

    Hope this helps

  • seeing how you can't go and try it out, sit on it etc, being that im 6'5 is the bike big enough for me?


    Thank you for your question.
    Yes, the 26in frame will be big enough for a person that is 6.5in.
    Here is a great video showing the product in action.

    We hope that this anwered your question.

    Best regards
    Keep healthy and stay safe.

  • Is this a 17" frame or 19"?


    Thank you for your question.
    The Mad Jack Outdoor Fat-HD electric bike has two color options blue and grey and one frame size, 19 inch.

    Hope this helps.
    Best regards

  • Is this the same as an Eunorau 26" 1000W FAT-HS Mid Drive Full Suspension E-Bike or the Bolton Lancer 1000W Full Suspension

    Hi, Thank you for your question.
    Yes, this is the same All Terrain Fat Tire 26 inch Full Suspension E-Bike 48v 1000W as the Eunorau, Mad Jack Outdoor has just chosen not to brand the bike to lower the cost to the consumer.

    Hope this helps.

    Mad Jack Outdoor Expert


All Terrain full-suspension fat tire electric mountain bike Electric Mountain Bike

This is the Cadillac of fat tire electric mountain bikes. The Mad Jack Outdoor MAD-FAT-HS electric bike is a refined powerhouse packed with full suspension setup, monster fat tires, and a bad attitude towards everything even the nastiest of trails.

Whos it for:  Die-hard electric mountain bikers

The Mad Jack Outdoor MAD-FAT-HS electric bike feels like a good choice for those who need a bonafide e-MTB that can really stretch its legs to take you deep into the trails for hunting, fishing or just having an awesome day on the single tracks. This is an ideal setup for serious e-MTB riders who want to leave their non-electric friends sweating in the dust.

Fun Fact: [Power 1000 nominal watts, 1500 peak watts]

The Mad Jack Outdoor MAD-FAT-HS electric bike has a powerful Bafang mid-drive motor with an output 1000 nominal watts and approximately 1500 peak watts, with a whopping 120 Newton meters of torque. This motor is the perfect solution for unlocking maximum power, both because it can leverage the gearing of the rear cassette, which comes in handy when loaded up with a passenger or tons of cargo and tackling steep hills.

Fun Fact: [Speed 28 mph]

The  Mad Jack Outdoor MAD-FAT-HS electric bike has a top speed 28 mph, which can be reached by using the pedal assist or the throttle. This makes the FAT-HS a class 3 electric bike, which might be restricted in some places.

Fun Fact: [Battery and Range 48 volt 14.6 ah, 40 miles]

The Mad Jack Outdoor MAD-FAT-HS electric bike runs on a 48 volt system and comes with a 14.6 amp hour battery, offering an estimated max range of 40 miles. The battery is housed inside the downtube, and is locking and removable, but you must first remove a screw before the battery can be taken out of the bike. Having the battery in the downtube keeps the center of gravity low and the weight evenly distributed through the bike so it doesnt feel back heavy or front heavy.

Fun Fact: [Pedal assist sensor Torque sensor]

The Mad Jack Outdoor MAD-FAT-HS electric bike is equipped with a torque sensor that measures the torque placed on the cranks. This is wonderful to see on a bike at this price point, and helps to give a truly responsive feel when riding. Unlike cadence sensors, torque sensors allow for near instant activation and deactivation of the motor when the rider starts and stops pedaling. This is especially important for an electric bike geared towards tackling serious off-road trails.

Fun Fact: [Display  LCD]

The Mad Jack Outdoor MAD-FAT-HS electric bike is equipped with a Eunorau branded LCD display located on the center of the handlebars. The display is very easy to read in direct sunlight. It offers plenty of feedback, including speed, distance, battery level and much more.

Fun Fact: [Frame and weight 6061 Aluminum alloy, 80 pounds]

The Mad Jack Outdoor MAD-FAT-HS electric bike has one color option €” gold and black€” and one frame size. The FAT-HS is made from 6061 aluminum alloy and weighs in at nearly 80 pounds.

Fun Fact: [Suspension RST Guide]

The Mad Jack Outdoor MAD-FAT-HS electric bike has RST Guide front suspension with approximately 80 mm of travel, as well as preload adjust and lockout. The FAT-HS also has rear spring suspension, which really helps to smooth out even the gnarliest of trails.

Fun Fact: [Gearing Shimano, 9 speed]

The Mad Jack Outdoor MAD-FAT-HS electric bike uses a Simano Alivio derailleur with a 9-speed cassette. It also has Shimano Alivio trigger shifters on the right side of the handlebars. This bike also feels like it is equipped with shift detection, which automatically cuts power to the motor when you switch gears to help reduce strain on the components.

Fun Fact: [Brakes Hydraulic disc]

The Mad Jack Outdoor MAD-FAT-HS electric bike has hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors in the front and rear. These brakes offer ample stopping power and also have motor inhibitors built in to automatically power to the motor whenever the brakes are depressed. This is great for emergency braking situations and ensure the shortest possible stopping distance.

Fun Fact: [2 year comprehensive.]

The Mad Jack Outdoor MAD-FAT-HS electric bike has a 2 year comprehensive warranty.

Fun Fact: [Price Starting at $2,799.00]

Starting at $2,799.00, the Mad Jack Outdoor MAD-FAT-HS includes free shipping. This is a truly capable off-road machine with power and speed to spare. 


The 26" Fat Tire MAD-FAT-HS 1000W E-Bike

  • MOTOR: 48V1000W BAFANG brushless mid-motor installed in mid-frame
  • FRAME: Aluminum alloy 19inch+Front&Rear Suspension
  • BATTERY RANGE: 40 Miles
  • BATTERY CHARGING TIME: 4 - 6 hours
  • BATTERY TYPE: Lithium-Ion
  • BOX DIMENSIONS:  (cm) 156 L x 32.5 W x 88H
  • THROTTLE: Thumb Throttle (power at your hand is always available)
  • DISPLAY: CDC6 LCD Display
  • HEADLIGHT:  Front LED Headlight
  • Fender: NO
  • RIMS: 26 inch Black Alloy
  • SPOKES: Stainless Steel
  • TIRES: Kenda Krusade Sport Tires 26 x 4.0 with K-Shield Protection
  • GEAR SHIFTING: Shimano DEORE 9-Speed Freewheel
  • SPROCKET: 42T chain-wheel crank
  • BRAKES: PROMAX Made Hydraulic disc Brakes Front 180mm and Rear hydraulic disc Brake 180mm with Motor Cut-Off Sensor in Brake Handles
  • HANDLEBAR: Adjustable Stem for Comfort - Matte Black 
  • SADDLE:   Comfortable Saddle
  • PEDALS: HIgh Quality Nylon Pedals

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All Terrain Fat Tire 26 inch Full Suspension E-Bike 48v 1000W

All Terrain Fat Tire 26 inch Full Suspension E-Bike 48v 1000W

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Green 19"
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