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City Cargo E-bike MAX-CARGO w/regenerative braking

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  • Can kids sit on the back without needing the bike seats?

    Child bike seats are definitely recommended, especially for younger children, as they provide the back support and safety belts needed by younger kids.
    We have seen the cargo bike used without bike seats, but please also check your local regulations.

  • What is the lifetime of the battery? What is the lifetime of the motor?

    Our batteries and motors typically have a lifetime of more than 5 years. The Battery has a 24  month warranty, and the motor and other electric components have a 12 month warranty.  Please reach out to our Mad Jack Outdoor support team for assistance.





Mad Jack Outdoor MAD Max-Cargo 750W Electric Cargo Bike

24" City Tires - Aluminum Alloy Frame - 5-Level Pedal Assist System (PAS) - Class 2 Thumb Throttle - 48V/11.6Ah Samsung Cell Battery
  • An affordable, feature-rich, electric long-tail cargo bike with cadence sensing pedal assist and throttle on-demand operation, available in a single frame size with adjustable bars
  • 750watt hub-drive is durable and powerful, 7 speed Shimano Altus for great shifting, and mechanical brakes with motor inhibitors washers help prevent brake squeaking
  • Integrated headlight and back light, fenders, skirt guard, chainring protector, optional basket for both the front and rear
  • All of the Max Cargo bikes share a mounting interface on the head tube for adding a basket, its sturdy and wont tip when you steer or park the bike
  • The Max Cargo comes standard with a wooden deck and sideboards, fenders, and an integrated headlight
  • The large chainring has a plastic guard to keep your pants clear and clean, the plastic fenders on the bike are extra wide and have rubber flaps, theres a clear plastic skirt guard to keep straps and clothes away from the drivetrain and rear wheel, and the pedals are large and grippy so you can ride in different types of weather securely and stay relatively dry
  • The frame is aluminum alloy, and the steel fork provides some vibration dampening
  • The deflopilator spring keeps your front wheel straight and stable when loading the cargo area and may also assist in steering heavy loads, it really keeps things easy and is a nice thoughtful touch
  • The kickstand is super stable and overbuilt, I like that it and the fork are designed with durability in mind since this is a cargo bike
  • The new battery design is sleek, it slides forward and fits nicely into the compact frame spot here enabling the lower stand-over height
  • The quick-release on the stem allows it and handlebars to fold all the way down, when folded like this it takes the overall height of the bike quite low, this is great for storage or transport, like if you had to put the bike in the back of a truck with a canopy for example.

The MAD Max Cargo e-bike has a powerful hub-drive system with a throttle and cadence based pedal assist. It also has this nice wooden cargo deck in the back complete with wooden foot decks at the bottom for passengers.

The step-through frame has quite of bit of adjustability via the quick release adjustments on the seat post, handlebars, and stem. The bike includes nice fenders in the front and back that are mounted to the fork and axle for stability. The fenders help keep you clean and dry. There are also a wheel skirt over the back wheel which will help protect kids feet and other obtrusive elements away from the spokes.

The tires are a set of 24 x 2.3 Kenda Kiniption with this great tread pattern really good surface and good grip for a cargo bike. There is a quick release for the front wheel, but none for the back as is common on hub drive cargo bikes. I love the battery integrated lights here, they have them both in the front and the rear.

There is still a lot to love here, like the waterproof connectors, defloplilator to keep the front wheel steady when loading, aluminum platform pedals, and the plush gel Velo saddle.

Driving the bike is a 750watt rear hub motor. This is a pretty powerful setup and the extra power will come in handy when towing a load. There is cadence based pedal assist as well as a throttle getting you up to 20mph. This is what makes it a Class 2 electric bike. Mechanically, there is a 7 speed Shimano Altus system and an extra long chain.

 Stopping the bike is a set of 180mm Tektro Aries mechanical disc brake rotors. Mechanical disc brakes are easy to maintain as well as adjust. This bike includes motor inhibitors, a motor cut off switch built into the brakes making stopping easier.

Powering this bike is a large 48v 11.6ah lithium-ion battery. This makes for a total of about 500 watt-hours, so the bike is both powerful and able to hit decent ranges. It is located on the downtube and can be charged both on and off the bike.

Removal is done via lock and key, and overall is pretty easy. Charging the battery is done via the included 2amp charger. Charging it at lower amps can reduce wear on the charging cycles over time. To really care for this and other lithium-ion packs, some have found that storing in a cool dry location vs. extreme heat or cold will extend the life and try to keep it about 50% full when not using for long periods so you wont stress the cells. Try not to let it run down to zero, because thats really hard on the cell chemistry.

The display is both out of the way and offers an easy read-out. Located on the left side of the handlebars, the display has two main buttons for controlling pedal assist that is easy to locate without having to glance down at the display. The buttons have vibrating feedback (called haptic feedback) that will buzz a tiny bit when the button is pressed. This sort of feature provides a great way of understanding the control the rider has on the bike, and generally improves the ride with more peace of mind. The display utilizes a full-color screen with a very recognizable automobile motif for the speedometer. This enables any rider (who drives a car) to easily recognize the display without having to learn a new system. The display works, and works immediately! The front LED light on the bike is integrated to the main battery and is toggled easily by the main display. The backlight for the display has two settings, tied into the toggle for the head-light. The backlight feature is really great when riding in low-light conditions, and I really like the automotive styled display that is quick and easy to read.

The MAD Max Cargo is really a great cargo bike and the price tag is amazing and rarely seen in the long-tail cargo bike segment 


The 24" City Tire MAD-MAX-CARGO E-Bike Specifications(regenerative braking)

  • MOTOR: 48V/750W ENA hub motor installed in rear wheel
  • FRAME: Aluminum Alloy
  • BATTERY RANGE: 30 Miles
  • BATTERY TYPE: Lithium-Ion
  • BATTERY CAPACITY: 48V/11.6Ah Samsung14Ah optional
  • BOX DIMENSIONS:  (cm) 172 L x 24 W x 76H
  • THROTTLE: Thumb Throttle (power at your hand is always available)
  • DISPLAY: CDC6 LCD display
  • HEADLIGHT:  Front LED Headlight
  • REAR RACK: YES(front&Rear basket kit optional)
  • Fender: YES
  • RIMS: 24 inch Black Alloy
  • SPOKES: Stainless Steel
  • TIRES: Kenda 24 x 2.4 tires
  • GEAR SHIFTING: Shimano Derailleur 7-Speed Freewheel
  • SHIFTER: SHIMANO Push-Button 7 speed
  • SPROCKET: 48T chain-wheel crank
  • BRAKES: TEKTRO disc brake160mm disc
  • HANDLEBAR: Adjustable Stem for Comfort - Matte Black 
  • SADDLE:   Velo Comfort Saddle
  • PEDALS: HIgh Quality Folding Nylon Pedals

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City Cargo E-bike MAX-CARGO w/regenerative braking

City Cargo E-bike MAX-CARGO w/regenerative braking

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