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Whether you prefer certain materials, just want an excellent fit, or you want something that matches the rest of your winter clothes. 

Find great backcountry snowshoes for kids snowshoes for men and snowshoes for women. Check out our selection of name brand snowshoes, and you’ll be sure to find something that suits both your style and your needs. High-quality, long-lasting snowshoes are available year-round. For the best fit, always remember to reference sizing charts and recommendations.


Inspired by the vast beauty found throughout our public lands, Yukon Charlie’s is excited to announce our newest arrival of the season. From towering mountains to remote seascapes, each National Park is vastly different. We believe the diversity of landscapes that make up our country is a fitting metaphor for the differences found in each snowshoe lover around the globe. There is no greater way to celebrate these differences than paying homage to a system that gives us endless places to play and adventure in the snow.

Everything you need: This kit includes snowshoes, Poles with trekking and snow baskets, and a storage bag.
Easy to Use: The V frame design allows for a more natural stride and is easy to use.
Strong: Constructed from 6000 aluminum for strength and lightness.
Easy to use: Includes the Fast Fit II Easy Pull Binding with toe hold and Rapid Lite Flex Heel Strap. You'll spend less time putting on your snowshoes and more time enjoying the outdoors.
Snowshoes Measure 8" x 21". Suggested weight range of 100-150 lbs.