We are Mad Jack Outdoor, an online marketplace for brands and manufactures and would love to partner with you and get your brand in front of as many potential customers as possible. Our aim is to give smaller brands and manufacturers as much exposure as larger, more well established brands, already have. Our goal is to be the largest outdoor marketplace where brands and manufactures have total control over their selling price.

Mad Jack Outdoor Marketplace, now more than ever, recognizes the importance of innovators, brand manufactures and retailers effectively selling online. Mad Jack Outdoor is a marketplace where new and innovative products in the outdoor space are showcased.

Mad Jack Outdoor Value Proposition

What makes us different:
  • We allow manufacturers to control their brands and pricing
  • No more MAP Pricing Issues for brands to worry about (control pricing though our backend)
  • No-risk model with no sign-up fees or listing fees
  • Digital Marketing - Product and Brand visibility via Mad Jack Outdoor multi channel advertising (Email, Google & Bing text and Shopping ads, Amazon PPC, if brands chooses to participate)
  • A manufacturer’s storefront page to promote their brand and products
  • Bespoke featured product landing pages
  • Easy to use marketplace listing software and order fulfillment dashboard
  • Instant access to our Google Express Marketplace (if opted in by brand)
  • Access to selling on our Amazon Storefront if desired (if opted in by brand)
  • Free Managed service (product upload, marketplace management etc)
  • Advertising service for manufacturers that do not have the time to do their own advertising or are just tired of throwing money at agencies that are not producing the results.

Mad Jack Outdoor Value Proposition

We have two pricing models aimed at different sectors of the market, our wholesale dealer model is aimed at brands and manufactures that have a large inventory set and prefer the management of the sales channel to be done by Mad Jack Outdoor, this would entail product upload and order management, advertising etc. For the retailers who may be more familiar and comfortable with marketplaces like eBay, Amazon etc, we offer a self serve model with a flat revenue share.

Brands and manufacturers:  Wholesale Dealer basis, comes with a *Managed service - Adverting service optional ***

Retailers and **self serve clients: Via Marketplace back-end - Adverting service optional ***

Mad Jack Outdoor Value Proposition

* Managed Service, listing creation and management by Elderly Central
**Self Service, manage listings via our seller user interface

*** We offer advertising services that include Product Listing SEO, Google and Bing shopping text and shopping ads 


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Ricardo Collison: ricardo@madjackoutdoor.com, m. +1 917 250 9770

Michele Collison: michele@madjackoutdoor.com,  m. +1 408 966 5364

Kristin Mehiel: kristin@madjacksnowsports.com, m. +1 805 801 3588

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