2-in-1 Hydration Pack - Misting & Drinking

ExtremeMist PCS - Hydration pack - Personal Cooling Pack



2-in-1 Hydration Pack - Misting & Drinking

Versatile system that can also be used out of the pac

Pump Weight w/battery pack: 16 oz.

Compartments/pockets: 9

ExtremeMist Hydration Pack and Personal Cooling System (PCS) keeps you cool when it’s hot out. Great for hiking, running and cycling.  Perfect Running vest or running hydration belt.

Get the the 2-in-1 Hydration pack or the hydration system Retrofit Kit which easily installs into almost any hydration pack allows you to mist and drink from the same reservoir! 

The PCS is a versatile system that can also be used out of the pack, either on tents, canopies, umbrellas, beach chairs, boats, ATVs, or anywhere else you want to Cool Down, Go Farther!



Ideal for Hiking

Imagine you’re mountain biking, hiking, running or cycling and the temperature’s rising. The hot sun beats down on you. You're sweating profusely. Exhaustion begins to take hold. We've all been there, right?

Now imagine, with the press of a button, moving into a refreshing, cool mist! This can be your new reality, with our all-in-one hydration backpack!

Great for Running

The world’s first compact, lightweight, hands-free, professional-grade Personal Cooling System (PCS). Finally a running hydration packdesigned to keep hikers, half marathon runners and cycling enthusiasts, mountain bikers cooler. The outdoors hydration pack greatly extending their summer outdoor activity opportunities. 

Keep your best friend cool

The PCS cooling pump is designed for easy removal for use out of the pack for a variety of cooling applications. It can be further enhanced by adding our Quad Hose/Nozzle Kit for large area cooling. One of the best hydration pack for hiking 2020, super versatile for any outdoor need. Best hydration pack for road cyclingand best running hydration pack for big guys.


Life saver

For those who spend time outdoors in hot conditions, it's a must! I've had a couple of hydration systems before. But the genius idea to add there a function of a cooling system is a big selling point. It kept me cool during a bad heat wave in NYC while all the outdoor events were canceled

Daria- Verified Reviewer

It does it all

This is a kind of pack that you might think about and say, “that would be cool” but man extreme mist really executes. I love taking this pack with me as a trail runner and athlete it is fun and functional!

Siena P. - Verified Reviewer

Great Portable System

A wonderful system to have out on the golf course. Really helps me keep cool and refreshed.

Michael M.V - Verified Buyer


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