Business Certification and SSL Certification

There are many online stores that you could have chosen to purchase from. We thank you for choosing and considering Mad Jack Outdoor.

We want our customers to know that their purchases are secure and that they are buying from a registered and reputable California based business.

There are a number of "Credibility Badges" that we could put on our site , or organisation that we could subscribe to (all of which only allows you to use their registered trademark badge at a price)

We feel that providing you, our consumer with credibility information that cannot be fabricated is how we would like to win your trust, reviews and ongoing business.

There are three pieces of information that cannot be fabricated, you either have it as a business or you don't.

  1.  Registered Business information
  2. SSL Certificate Validity and Security (secure checkout with fraud protection)
  3. Google Verified Business
Registered Business information

MRK and Co LLC (Reg: CA)
Verified Address:
PO Box. 843
CA 96141

Verified Phone:
+1 917-250-9770
+1 408-966-5364
+1 805-801-3588

Verified emails:

SSL Certificate Validity and Security:

Issued To:

Common Name (CN) - 
Organization (O) -

 Issued By:

Common Name (CN) - Let's Encrypt Authority X3
Organization (O) - Let's Encrypt

Validity Period:

Issued On - Friday, September 11, 2020 at 2:24:18 PM
Expires On - Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 1:24:18 PM


SHA-256 Fingerprint:
31 46 2D A0 7D 51 2F DE A6 67 AB 61 68 DF 98 2C 8C 7B F8 A9 AA E5 F7 F9 9F 19 76 83 1B 45 13 34

SHA-1 Fingerprint:
55 3D EB 5A 50 9E 06 77 26 D0 F0 45 5E 56 25 EB E5 7F 56 01

Google Verified MyBusiness Account
Please feel free to leave us a review on our Google MyBusiness Page
If you do decide to purchase elsewhere. Please Check if a site's connection is secure and that they are a registered business.