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When you’re out in the elements the last thing you need to worry about is getting cold feet! You need a sock that will hold up to the elements and keep your feet warm and safe. That’s where our Bearproof Socks come in. Our Bear Technology, a meticulous blend of style, construction, and next level performance, makes your sock the most durable sock on the market. Plus our Merino Fresh technology keeps your feet comfortable and dry. Bearproof socks are literally the last sock you’ll ever need!  Made in the USA 

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About Bearproof Apparel

Bear Technology is a meticulous blend of style, construction and next level performance. Bear Technology is unmatched from it’s full cushion merino fresh, to it’s reinforced heel and toe. Merino Fresh incorporates the natural technology of the world’s most advanced wool with cutting-edge Nano technology.  Nano-Tech AB is a remarkable innovation that prevents the growth of bacteria in Merino Fibers, as fine silver dust in the form of nano-sized particles, are applied to the yarn.  Merino Fresh has a remarkable ability to absorb water-up to 35% it’s own weight.  Merino Fresh absorbs sweat away from the skin, moves it through the middle layers, and then releases it to the atmosphere as vapors. 

DISCLAIMER: These socks will not actually keep bears from eating you. They are very strong and will outlast any “tough” sock on the market under all extreme elements, but if you go out among bears and disturb them or invite them to you or try to pet them, you are on your own.

“Bearproof” is the trade name. It’s not the invitation to try them out on bears