About Us

Who We Are

At Mad Jack Outdoor we bring the most innovative gear on the market, next to world class brands, alongside a collaborative retail outlet.  Curated in one unique online marketplace. 

How We Do It

We source gear from new companies and entrepreneurs who are pushing the innovation envelope in the outdoor industry.  In tandem we work with proven brands, the outdoor industry veterans if you will, to hand select the best of the best of gear.  The final piece of the puzzle is we partner with independent outdoor retailers nationwide to bring their end of season, overstock and last year's models to our discount online outlet. The end result is an outdoor marketplace with the best gear selection to keep you outdoorsy!

Our Story

We are a group of three friends with entrepreneurial spirits, diverse professional backgrounds and a love for the outdoors.  We ski the Sierras and the Rockies, love camping and hiking in our National and State Parks, and paddle and surf in the Pacific ocean and nearby lakes.

We have manufactured gear across several industries and understand how hard it is to be the newbie in an industry.  We know the power of eCommerce, but also want to support 'Main Street' retailers. 

We saw an opportunity to combine our passion for the outdoors, with our eCommerce street smart's to bring other outdoorsy folks the coolest gear on the market.  Plain and simple, we want to get people outside!

Collison Family
Ricardo, Michele and our two kiddos -  Playtime in our back yard
About Us
The Mehiel Clan, minus Kristin who is always taking pictures - Mammoth Mountain