We Can Do Better

“We Can Do Better’, is a statement that Ricardo, Michele and I stand behind 100%.  There are essences of this statement that helped us to launch Mad Jack Outdoors.  The Outdoor Industry has many attributes, dedicated leaders, innovators, but one thing it is known for is being a ‘Bro Club’. Not easy to break into and heavily dominated by white males.  We want to change that, as the outdoors does not discriminate, it is diverse by nature.

As new leaders in the Outdoor Industry, we certainly do not fit the traditional mold.  We come from varying backgrounds, but we share a passion for the outdoors, eCommerce and innovation.  We represent change to the current industry models that are in place, from how we are uniting new brands with veteran brands, supporting brick and mortar stores by integrating retailers inventory onto our site and having a brilliant and mixed team with respect to gender and race.

We at Mad Jack Outdoors are about uniting -- uniting new brands, veteran brands and resilient retailers together under a unique marketplace for the outdoorsy. We know we can do better.

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