Types of E-Bikes

E-Bikes are one of the fastest-growing sporting goods categories on the market today.  In fact, Forbes predicts that E-Bike sales will grow from 3.7 Million to 17 Million by 2030.  This growth was spurred by the COVID-19 Pandemic, as individuals looked for new ways to enjoy the outdoors and essential workers considered alternative methods to avoid crowded buses and trains for commuting.  If you are reading this article, you are likely considering buying an E-Bike.  There are many aspects to take into consideration: Budget, Battery Type, Warranty, Motor, Range and last but not least the type of E-Bikes.


The main types or categories of E-Bikes:

  • Electric Mountain Bikes
  • Electric Cruiser Bikes
  • Electric Road/Commuter Bikes
  • Electric Cargo Bikes
  • Electric Folding Bikes
  • Electric Fat Bikes

Electric Mountain Bikes

Like all E-Bikes, Mountain E-Bikes increase your pedaling power, allowing you to cruise longer on the trails and climb faster. Like the traditional Mountain Bike, Mountain E-Bikes can come with fat tires and full suspension.

E-Bike Mountain

Electric Cruiser Bikes

Electric Cruiser Bikes are meant for just that, cruising.  If you are a laid-bike cyclist, who likes to cruise the neighborhood, city bike paths, or the boardwalk, then a Cruiser E-Bike is for you.

Electric Road Commuter Bikes

An electric road commuter bike is equipped for urban travel. An electric commuter bike generally has wide tires for stability and to support the added weight of the motor and battery. It has a sturdy frame and often comes with metal racks for carrying your things, but it is not so heavy that it can't maneuver in traffic. They can often pack up into small spaces to easily store in an office setting.

E-Bike Cargo

Electric Fat Tire Bikes

Electric Fat Tire Bikes are known for traversing all types of terrain from snow, sand, mud, and even some mountain bike trails. This category of E-Bike sports extra-wide tires — four inches or more to be exact.  What is more exciting is we are starting to see stellar electric fat tire bikes dip below the $1,500 price point, making them an attractive proposition to anyone looking to explore varying terrain types


Electric Folding Bikes

Electric folding bikes are a spin on commuter bikes.  They are becoming common fixtures on city streets, trains, and in office buildings, and for good reason.  This category of bike folds down to fit under your desk — think origami style.

Electric Cargo Bikes

If you need a way to carry your kids and cargo across town, then an electric cargo bike is for you. The newest generation of electric cargo bikes are more customizable and wieldy than ever; the e-assit and modular mounting systems mean today’s bakfiets and longtails are very viable trade-ins for your gas-guzzling mini-van. You don’t have to take our word for it, the United Parcel Service disaster relief managers from across the globe use cargo bikes to transport goods where traditional cars can’t go. So quit driving and start pedaling almost anywhere.

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