The Summer of SUPs and Hammocks

It is suffice to say that Summer 2020, and well the entire year will go down in the history books, as we continue to navigate COVID-19 and the unknowns, but it will also go down as the summer that SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards) and Hammocks became as sought after as toilet paper, hand sanitizer and Lysol.

Managing supply chains is not easy, it is part sales data, part market trends and market conditions.  Well this summer all three aligned perfectly, plus a pandemic leaving everyone at home and/or outside and it has sent the demand for SUPs and Hammocks through the roof!  We at have literally sold out our SUP supplier to back order status and our outdoorsy customers are still clambering for the fiberglass giants, some offering to pay above MSRP.   We totally get it too.  Folks have time on their hands and want to try a new pastime or sport. Layer in the fact that it takes no time at all to master a SUP,  and if on the mainland, your trip to Hawaii has been cancelled, then well --- totally get it --- get out of the house and out on the water.

Be first in line for the new SUP inventory in just a few short weeks.

The Hammock supply chain has followed the same pattern as the SUPs.  To the point that a veteran hammock supplier shared with us that they are having the best sales season EVER --take that COVID 19! The Hammock is becoming the refuge for those that need a break from the home office and Zoom gloom.  Pop a hammock up in the backyard, like this beautifully handcrafted 2-person hammock, between two trees overlooking the ocean, or in the campsite, and BOOM --- you can relax in the breeze, take a deep breath, read a book and gently rock.

As the saying goes ‘ Get’em While They're Hot’, even if you have to pre order.  You won’t regret it and before you know it you will be gliding over the glassy water or relaxing under the shade of a tree--- happy-- even if you might not be on your favorite island, at least you are outdoors!

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