The Outdoors Are Still Open

It takes a ton of work to open up a new business.  You are working around the clock, solving problems, setting strategies, sweating over whether if you ‘build it’, will they come? -- Now layer in a global pandemic.  It was suffice to say, I needed out, and so did my homeschooling kids and now work from home hubby.

We were lucky to learn that the camp ground, next to Pinnacles National Park was open, and you could access the park via foot or bike.  We scored a campground for three nights, dumped the gear into the trailer, unplugged the kids from their devices and set out to be outdoors.

It was a different camping experience to say the least.  Campers had on face masks, a new fume of hand sanitizer combined with bug spray was in the air and the campfire attendees had to adhere to social distancing rules.  There were bonuses though…..the trails, which at this time of year were usually filled to the brim with hikers where empty.  It was if you had a National Park all to yourself, which on a typical day in early summer would not be the case.

For the most part though, we had the typically family camping experience; kids ate a bit of junk food, Dad found the hardest hike in the park to take us on, I as per usual ran into a snake or two (which I hate), we relaxed, we biked, we laughed -- We felt normal again.

I am forever grateful to be outdoorsy, but when on the brink of launching a new business during changing times there is comfort to know that the frogs are still chirping, oak trees still offer shade, the condors are flying high and the constellations are brilliant.


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