Stand Up Paddle Board Company Launches Affordable Line of 2021 Snowboards

POP Board Co expands into manufacturing Snowboards and looks to Mad Jack Outdoor as their ECommerce Partner

Homewood, Calif. (November 18, 2020) —  Today, Mad Jack Outdoor ( and POP Board Co  formally announced their strategic partnership concentrated on scaling online sales of POP Board Co’s new line of retro styled snowboards. POP Board Co, based in Santa Ana, CA, has been a long time manufacturer of inflatable and fiberglass Stand Up Paddles boards is now expanding their hardgood line into an All Mountain snowboard.  The POP Board retro snowboard line uses real poplar wood which reduces the actual weight of the board while improving responsiveness.  The snowboards feature a Premium Sintered Base that is fused through pressure rather than heat resulting in a more durable board and faster ride. The 2021 line will retail for $299.

Stand Up Paddle Board Company Launches Affordable Line of

“Our company was founded on the notion that we make great gear for great people,” said Nick Lanfranco, POP Board Co.’s founder, “We are passionate about helping people have the best experience on the water and now on the mountain.  Partnering with Mad Jack Outdoor just made sense — as they are just as passionate about getting people into the outdoors.”

Mad Jack Outdoor is a first-of-its-kind online marketplace in the outdoor space. Utilizing a three-pronged approach, this marketplace model enables new brands to reach customers outside of the traditional, slow-to-adopt channels by advertising on behalf of the brand. Mad Jack Outdoor's main objective is to get the brand's product in front of as many people as possible.  Mad Jack Outdoor is a true manufacturer’s marketplace, not just an eCommerce website. It allows brand manufactures to list their products and have control of product pricing across multiple advertising platforms through one marketplace. Simultaneously, the marketplace works with independent specialty brick-and-mortar retailers helping them sell more effectively online while giving shoppers the opportunity to access the entire product catalogs of veteran brands.


“We are beyond thrilled to be partnering with POP Board Co and their new line of snowboards,” said Kristin Mehiel, Co-Founder of Mad Jack Outdoor, “Our companies align in values and passion  —  our customers are going to love this line’s style, affordable price point and most importantly the boards performance on the mountain.”


“Core to our strategic partnership is attracting brands that are dedicated to supporting the environment” said Michele Collison, Co-Founder of Mad Jack Outdoor. “Pop Board Co is a member of 1% for the Planet, which we just love!”

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At Mad Jack Outdoor we bring the most innovative gear on the market, next to world class brands, alongside a collaborative retail outlet.  Curated in one unique online marketplace. We source gear from new companies and entrepreneurs who are pushing the innovation envelope in the outdoor industry.  In tandem we work with proven brands, the outdoor industry veterans if you will, to hand select the best of the best of gear.  The final piece of the puzzle is we partner with independent outdoor retailers nationwide to bring their end of season, overstock and last year's models to our discount online outlet. The end result is an outdoor marketplace with the best gear selection to keep you outdoorsy!

About POP Board Co.

Made For Making. What we truly manufacture are not just boards, but the unforgettable moments & memories on our boards. Watching the sun rise on the east coast, seeing it set on the west coast. Moments like catching your first wave, or dropping in on your thousandth wave. Having random sea life encounters, and night paddling on the lake. Our purpose is to make great gear for great people. Nothing satisfies us more than seeing our customers enjoy themselves while making their own memories with our brand.

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