Snowboard Size Chart for Kids

Mad Jack Outdoor offers a huge selection of snowboard equipment and an array of kid’s snowboards.  We also have expert guides to help you make an informed decision.

If you have landed here, chances are you have a little grommet that is ready to hit the hill. To help ensure that your kid has the best day cruising groomers or hitting the terrain park, it is essential that you dial in the right size snowboard. 

When selecting the correct size snowboards for kids you need to take into consideration their height and weight. In addition you need to take into account the skill level of the rider and size up or down accordingly.   A good rule of thumb is that youth snowboards should come up somewhere between the child's chest and chin. Below is a good starting point for a Kids' Snowboard Size Chart below.

Choosing the Right Snowboard Length For A Child:

  1. Measure your child's height and weight.
  2. Locate their height on the size chart below.
  3. Match their height with the corresponding snowboard length in the right column.Snowboard Size Chart for Kids

What if My Child's Height is Between Those Listed on the Size Chart?

If your child is between two of the heights listed, find their weight on the chart. If they are light for their height, size their snowboard close to the shorter end of the range, and if they are heavy for their height, go with something on the longer end of the range.

3 Reasons to size kids' snowboards shorter, closer to the chest:

  1. They are a beginner or cautious snowboarder.
  2. Their weight is lighter than average for their height.
  3. They don’t ride fast but  like to make short, quick turns.

3 Reasons to size kids' snowboards longer, closer to the nose:

  1. They are fast and aggressive rider.
  2. They weigh more than average for their height.
  3. You want to purchase a snowboard with room to grow. That being said, sizing a snowboard outside of their recommended range can limit progression and how much fun they have.

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