Picking the Correct Snowboard Length

Mad Jack Outdoor offers a huge selection of snowboard equipment .  We also have expert guides to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s face it, investing in a Snowboard is the real deal.  If you are reading this you are ready to shell out some greenbacks for one, so whether you are buying your first snowboard or your tenth,  let’s make sure you get the perfect one.  It is not rocket science, it all comes down to correct width, length, and knowing which type of terrain you plan to be riding on. Getting this dialed can take your riding to a whole new level whether you are in the terrain park, backcountry or cruising groomers. 

The length of your snowboard will vary depending on your body weight and the type of riding you plan to do. In a galaxy far far away snowboard sizing meant you stood next to the snowboard and if the snowboard hit the top of your chin ’winner, winner, chicken dinner’! While that is a good place to start, riders truly need to take into account ability level, weight and construction of the board to determine the appropriate board length.

For example, if you are freeriding consider getting a slightly longer board for stability and speed, unless you’re looking at a volume shifted board. If you are all about the terrain park then a freestyle snowboard in a smaller size is what you need to easily spin and maneuver in the terrain park or half-pipe.

Check out Mad Jack Snowsports product pages, you'll find a snowboard size chart by height chart for each of the snowboards we sell. Keep in mind length is a personal preference as anything, so don’t get too hung up on the recommendations if you ride a longer or shorter board and are happy with it. Use our height to snowboard size chart below for a starting point:

Picking the Correct Snowboard Length

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