Mad Jack Outdoor Adds BearProof Socks to Apparel Lineup

BearProof Socks, a veteran family owned sock company, turns to eCommerce marketplace, Mad Jack Outdoor to boost online sales

Homewood, Calif. (September 16th, 2020) —  Today, Mad Jack Outdoor ( and BearProof Apparel, announced their partnership focused on increasing the apparel company’s online sales. BearProof, based in Newton, NC, manufactures hiking, running, skiing and works socks, in addition to headwear.  BearProof prides itself on being the ‘last socks you will ever need’ attributed to their combination of Bear and Merino Fresh Technology.  Bear Technology is unmatched, yielding a sock that;

  1. Incorporates the world's most advanced wool
  2. Full cushion merino fresh, with reinforced heel and toe
  3. Nanosized particles applied to yarn to prevent growth of bacteria
  4. Ability to absorb water-up to 35% its own weight, absorbing sweat away from the skin, moving it through the middle layers, and then releasing it to the atmosphere as vapors


“We are a family owned and operated business,” said Alton Rockett, Third Generation Owner of BearProof Apparel, “We know the sock business, and we know it well.  Working with Mad Jack Outdoors, let's us focus on what we do best — making the best sock on the market, while they concentrate on growing online sales.”


Mad Jack Outdoor is a first-of-its-kind online marketplace in the outdoor space. Utilizing a three-pronged approach, this marketplace model enables new brands — that are fresh off of Kickstarter or new to the market — to reach customers outside of the traditional, slow-to-adopt channels. Simultaneously, the marketplace works with independent specialty retailers to showcase their overstocked or out of season brands at a discounted rate and gives shoppers the opportunity to access the entire product catalogs of veteran brands.


“BearProof Apparel not only has superior products, but they embody the American entrepreneurial spirit” said Kristin Mehiel, Co-Founder of Mad Jack Outdoors. “Third generation owned, 100% Made In America and cutting edge technology, it was a no brainer to bring them onto our site”


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Kristin Mehiel
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About Mad Jack Outdoor

At Mad Jack Outdoor we bring the most innovative gear on the market, next to world class brands, alongside a collaborative retail outlet.  Curated in one unique online marketplace. We source gear from new companies and entrepreneurs who are pushing the innovation envelope in the outdoor industry.  In tandem we work with proven brands, the outdoor industry veterans if you will, to hand select the best of the best of gear.  The final piece of the puzzle is we partner with independent outdoor retailers nationwide to bring their end of season, overstock and last year's models to our discount online outlet. The end result is an outdoor marketplace with the best gear selection to keep you outdoorsy!

About BearProof Apparel

Family owned and operated, BearProof apparel manufacturers the last socks you will ever need.  Our socks are Built to Last, Built to Withstand, Built for the Elements — Outdoor socks built to last a lifetime!

When you’re out in the elements the last thing you need to worry about is getting cold feet! You need a sock that will hold up to the elements and keep your feet warm and safe. That’s where our Bearproof Socks come in. Our Bear Technology, a meticulous blend of style, construction, and next level performance, makes your socks the most durable sock on the market. Plus our Merino Fresh technology keeps your feet comfortable and dry. Bearproof socks are literally the last sock you’ll ever need!

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