How to Choose the Correct Ski Size And Length

Mad Jack Outdoor offers a wide selection of  skis and array of ski bindings.  We also have expert guides to help you make an informed decision.

Selecting skis can seem overwhelming, but at Mad Jack Outdoor we are here to help you find the best skis, whether you are planning on hitting the bunny hill, skiing bumps or double blacks — we are here to guide you through the process.

Ski Sizing and Length

What Length Should My Skis Be?

Your skis should be the correct size for your height, weight and skiing style & ability. There is no secret formula for determining the correct size ski for you, but there are several factors to consider. Generally speaking, the correct ski length is somewhere between your chin and the top of your head. For example, a skier that is 6’ tall will want to look for skis ranging from 170cm and 190cm. The exact right size for you depends on your skiing ability and style.

Height and weight provide a good starting point when sizing skis.  That being said you will also want to take into consideration ski category, snow type, terrain and overall personal preference.  Beginner skiers should consider shorter skis, while longer skis are more appropriate for advanced skiers.

How to Choose the Correct Ski Size And Length

When to Size Your Skis Up or Down

Once you have pinpointed your ski size range, next you will want to decide if you want to be on the smaller or larger end of that range. A shorter ski will be easy to turn but not as stable as a longer ski. A carving ski with a skinnier waist and a smaller turn radius can be skied at a shorter length than an all-mountain or freeride ski with a larger turn radius and fatter waist width. Rockered skis are easier to pivot between turns and can be skied slightly longer than comparable camber skis.

 Reasons to size your skis shorter, closer to your chin:

  • You are a beginner or intermediate skier.
  • You weigh less than average for your height.
  • You like to make short, quick turns and seldom ski fast.
  • You want a carving ski with only camber, no rocker.

Reasons to size your skis longer, closer to the top of your head:

  • You are skiing fast and aggressively.
  • You weigh more than average for your height.
  • You plan to do the majority of your skiing off the trail.
  • You plan to ski a twin-tip ski.
  • You want a ski that has a lot of rocker.

Please note: Different ski brands don’t always measure length in the same way; so it's possible that a ski size from one brand may be a slightly longer or shorter than the same size in another brand.

For sizing kids’ skis, see our Ski Size Chart for Kids

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