Family Ski Trips, Groundhogs and the Whistle Pig

Family ski trips, like camping and hiking excursions, are not always about the terrain or the views, but more about being together and the memories that you will make.

With that being said, rewind to Groundhog Day 2015. As a family we are driving up to our backyard ski area, it is not fancy, up until 2 years ago, there were no high speed squads, but we didn’t care, it was just about getting out as a family and skiing.  As we were driving up there, our at the time chatter box of 5 five year old asked us,’Do you know what day it is? Stopping to think a bit, as it was Feb 2, was I forgetting a national holiday? Or god forbid a kid’s birthday? Racing through the calendar of dates in my mind I came up with nothing, nada, until it dawned on me.  To which I responded, thinking that I was quite astute, “Why it is Groundhog Day’ To which my 5 year old said, “They are also known as Whistle Pigs, so therefore it is Whistle Pig Day.’  Well there you go, informed by our 5 year old, and to this day, in our house February 2nd is Whistle Pig Day.

Albeit it is an odd correlation, but February 2nd always brings back fond memories of skiing with little ones.  Pulling on all their outwear, only to be met with ‘I have to use the bathroom’.  Complaining about ski boots, which is why I find myself running an entirely new company that solved their problem.  Jumping on to ski lifts with them hoping that they did not take themselves out, or me out as they disembarked. Knowing they were still small enough that you could scoop them last minute off the lift. Yelling, oh yes yelling...PIZZA at the top of your lungs as your offspring fearlessly hurled down the mountain barely missing the most seasoned of skiers.

So here I am in the evening of Whistle Pig Day, with ski gear draped throughout our living room, getting ready to go to our not fancy hill to start a late season.  The kids are now teens and tweens, I no longer yell pizza, and often find myself hearing, ‘Mom, you are SO slow’. They are older, we are older, but these ski trips continue to bring us closer together, create fond memories, and remind us that the Grounghog is also known as a Whistle Pig.


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