Choosing A Kids Snowboard — Kids Plastic Snowboard vs. Kids Traditional Snowboard

At Mad Jack Outdoor, we are passionate about getting everyone outside — especially the grommets.  When it comes to winter sports, starting your child off early skiing or snowboarding can give them a lifelong skill that teaches them agility and balance, appreciation for the majesty of the mountains, and the thrill of bombing down a run. 

One question we are often asked at Mad Jack Outdoor from the families that have little carvers or are about to introduce their children to snowboarding is — should we purchase a kids plastic snowboard or a traditional kids snowboard?

First and foremost you want to make sure that your child has the correct size snowboard.  This guide on How to Size A Snowboard for Your Kid will give you all the information that you need. 

Kids plastic snowboards are great for first time riders, to introduce your child to the sport, and let them find their balance in the backyard or the nearby sledding hill.  Kids plastic snowboards are affordable, and often come with pre-mounted, kid friendly bindings.  

Choosing A Kids Snowboard — Plastic vs. Traditional

A kids traditional snowboard, are just like the adult versions but smaller.  They will have the traditional wood cores and edging.  Some kids snowboards come with pre-mounted bindings, but you should be prepared to likely have to purchase a set.  A kids traditional snowboard is going to cost between $199-$399, compared to the kids plastic snowboard, that has an entry level price point between $25-$99.  Your child is ready for a traditional snowboard if they are coming off the bunny hill, and are going to be riding for several hours at a time.

Snowboarding is a great activity to introduce your child to at any age. When it comes to which type of board to purchase — kids plastic snowboard or kids traditional snowboard — it will come down to cost, the terrain you are planning on riding and the longevity on the slopes.  In general if your child is looking to mess around in the backyard or sledding hill, or there is a magic carpet to the bunny slopes, then a kids plastic snowboard is perfect.  If your child has graduated from the bunny hill, is riding the chair lifts and is jonesing to get into the terrain park, then the traditional kids snowboard is the way to go.

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